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🌟 Exciting Update! 🌟

Hey everyone,

After our recent discussion on nervous system science and its implications for parenting, I've been diving deeper into some fascinating research findings. Today, I wanted to share some practical tips that can help us navigate the challenges of parenting more effectively.

  1. Mindful Parenting Techniques: Incorporating mindfulness practices into parenting can have a profound impact on both parent and child. By staying present in the moment and responding calmly to situations, we can foster stronger connections and reduce stress for everyone involved.

  2. Emotion Coaching: Research shows that validating and acknowledging children's emotions helps them develop emotional intelligence and resilience. Instead of dismissing or ignoring their feelings, try to empathize and guide them through difficult emotions with understanding and support.

Nervous System Science in Parenting: Insights for Supporting Child Development

Parenting involves navigating various challenges, from soothing a crying baby to managing tantrums. Understanding the science behind the nervous system can provide valuable insights into children's behaviors and emotions, leading to more informed and empathetic parenting practices.

- Stress Responses:

- The autonomic nervous system regulates stress responses.

Idaho DHW provides a training for parents each month! Here is the flyer with how to register.

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