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Empowered Parents (12 week course)

Available Online

12-Week Empowered Parenting Full Course

  • 1 hour
  • Zoom Meeting or Clients home within 50 miles of White Bird

Service Description

Empowered Parents grow Empowered Parents, Breaking Generational barriers. This journey to peaceful parenting can be full of twists and turns as we unpack the conditioned beliefs, build skills to help our children feel safe, secure and seen. Reducing challenging behaviors while accepting that We Are Humans. Let us join you for transformational parenting course! The specific tools and strategies that we teach through the Jai Parent Coaching program are grounded in the foundations of Non-Violent Communication, Brain Development, Emotional Intelligence and the Neuroplasticity work of Dr. Bruce Lipton. Since the unconscious mind accounts for over 90% of our behavior, parents see changes almost immediately. These strategies allow parents to successfully shift out of the dominant (power over) paradigm of parenting, which creates disconnection, resentment and rebellion—to the relational, empowered paradigm of parenting which restores connection, trust and mutual respect. I speak from experience when I say, THIS practice WORKS! This twelve-week course includes: -12 (1 hour sessions with a parent coach) -"The Power of Showing Up" by Daniel Siegel MD (your choice of audio or printed) -"Beyond Behaviors" by Monda Delahook PhD (your choice of audio or printed) -Printed Workbook Are you ready to break the cycle of generational parenting? Join me for a 12-week transformative journey with Empowered Parents, brought to you by Upside Down Mom LLC. Together, we’ll unpack conditioned beliefs, build skills to help our children feel safe and secure, and reduce challenging behaviors. Through this journey, we’ll empower ourselves to be better parents and break the cycle of negative parenting patterns. Let me join you on this journey to becoming an empowered parent and transforming your family dynamic.

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule please contact us to give us 24 hour notice.

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White Bird, ID

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